I want my name in voters list but....
Posted on 3/19/2009
There is a wave of awareness amongst the citizens to go and vote but Election Commission has said those without voters ID card they will not be allowed to vote. This may be in the right direction. But the process of obtaining an ID card continues to be an onerous and painful task; many valuable working hours have to be spent in Qs at the facilitation centers but are these centers citizen friendly? It appears doubtful.
Hundreds of citizens were running in circles at the Bannimantap and other facilitation centers since the processes involved were not as easy as trumpeted by the election officials. AND THERE WERE MIDDLE MEN..
The photo shows a few of the middlemen sitting right in front of Bannimantap center and making hay while the sun shined. Gullible people were being charged anywhere between Rs.10 and Rs.20 to fill up the prescribed forms 6, 7 etc., and other charges for getting photographed etc.,were totally confusing.
These things were going on under the very nose of election officials present at the center.
It was a pathetic scene since there were no realistic directions to citizens by the officials other than a few handwritten names of areas and a few of them wading through the old electoral list and they themselves were not able to answer to various questions of the milling crowd.
It will not be a wonder if people get disgusted and say 'to hell with elections'.
It is better for the Election Office to evolve simple processes for the illerate and literate citizens who are enthusiastic to exercise their franchise without so much of confusion and swindling. Also allow citizens to vote this time with the old method of producing identity proof etc.at the booth level.

Vasanthkumar Mysoremath
Convenor: Voters Awareness Movement
Tilak Nagar, Mysore

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